Chrome Theme Creator

I want to make Google Chrome, a GTK3 application, match the colour scheme of my GTK2 theme that I am using with Xfce 4.12. I am using Murrina Gilouche, which has been among my favourite ones for many years. I can’t compile, say Chromium, against GTK2, so I want to make at least the colours of Chrome consistent with it.
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Industrial modified

One of my all time favourite GTK2 themes is the good old Industrial, part of the gtk-engines. I even maintain at SBo the GTK1 Industrial engine/theme. Unfortunatelly, there is no port to GTK3 and seems there will not be anytime soon. Just as with almost all famous GTK2 engines/themes. New themes are emerging following the flat design fashion that I am really not fond of.
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GTK1 engine and theme

I like to set a theme for GTK1, so the few programs that use the toolkit do not look as ugly. There is the Industrial engine and theme for GTK1, which has not been developed for a long time, but works just fine. Read the rest of this entry »

Run an application with a specific GTK2 theme

I want to run an application with a GTK2 theme that is different from the global one. Searching the Arch Linux wiki, pointed me to their solution. Read the rest of this entry »