Chrome Theme Creator

I want to make Google Chrome, a GTK3 application, match the colour scheme of my GTK2 theme that I am using with Xfce 4.12. I am using Murrina Gilouche, which has been among my favourite ones for many years. I can’t compile, say Chromium, against GTK2, so I want to make at least the colours of Chrome consistent with it.

I searched a bit and I found the Chrome Theme Creator. You can try the easy way first, upload an image which has the colours you want and use it to generate the colours for the theme. What I did was to make a screenshot of a window, themed by Murrina Gilouche and use it as a sample. Then, there are more specific tweaks in the Images and Colors buttons. In the end, I went to Pack and clicked on Pack and Download.

The theme is saved as a file with *.crx extension. To install it, go to More tools > Extensions, make sure Developer mode is on, then just drag and drop the theme.crx into Chrome.

There it is, compared to a GTK2 application:

That’s it!

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