Mount a remote folder by sshfs

I have several computers at home, all behind a router. Sometimes, I need to access files between computers and so far I have always used ssh either in the terminal or by gftp.

However, I wanted to be able to mount certain folder remotely in a seamless way, as if it was on the computer I was currently using. This can easily be done by sshfs. It is not part of Slackware, but can be found at SBo: sshfs-fuse.

Once installed, I took a look at the corresponding section from the Arch Linux wiki. Let’s say I want to mount my photos folder. This can be done by:

sshfs username@IPADDRESS:/remote/photos /local/photos -options


sshfs username@HOSTNAME:/remote/photos /local/photos -options

Options that the wiki gives as an example are:

  • -p 9876 | the port number
  • -C | use compression
  • -o allow_other | allow non-rooted users have read/write access

To unmount, use the following command:

fusermount -u /local/photos

Works well!

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