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XFS duplicate UUID

During my disk cloning exercises, I stumbled upon an issue when cloning a partition formatted as XFS. Cloning with dd went fine, however, when trying to mount the newly created partition in Thunar, I would get an error (sorry no … Continue reading

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Mounting an iPhone

Due to several reasons that I will not discuss here, I decided my next phone to be an iPhone SE. Of course, I naively expected that when I plug it in my computer, it will behave. Well, it doesn’t. The … Continue reading

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Mount a remote folder by sshfs

I have several computers at home, all behind a router. Sometimes, I need to access files between computers and so far I have always used ssh either in the terminal or by gftp. However, I wanted to be able to … Continue reading

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Mounting an ISO image

Now, that’s a piece of trivia! Sometimes I want to see what’s on an ISO image, so easiest will be to just mount it to a folder. I have been doing this occasionally since I started using Linux and I … Continue reading

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