GitHub direct download links

As a maintainer at, I would like to have a handy place to store some “problematic” sources and some other files. Once upon a time, I used SourceForge, but I wanted to have it at Slackalaxy’s GitHub repo. Uploading tarballs is fine, however what should be the download link to put in, for example, a *.info file?
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sboutils 0.01_beta

Since I moved back to Slackware as my major system, I wanted to make SlackBuild scripts and a bit easier to deal with. Therefore I wrote myself several small tools, collectively called sboutils. I will be busy in the following weeks, so I decided to call its current stage as first release candidate 0.01_beta.
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Hello again, Slackware…

After a year on CRUX as my main system, I made the decision to move back to Slackware. I really hope that such a long gap between releases will not happen again. I have several reasons for that, outlined below.
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Ten years of Slackalaxy

Ten years ago, I started my humble blog. It has been a nice run and although I do not have many visitors, I like to believe someone found useful stuff here. Ah yes, I have total of 248 posts, including this one.

Until we meet again, Slackware

It seems I have come to the point where I no longer find Slackware fit for me. This post is not intended as some “I’m leaving Slackware! Farewell!” drama, that you may find at LQ. I believe no one cares about what I choose to use. I just feel that if I am going to give up maintenance of my SlackBuilds, I should at least provide some reasoning. Also, I am sad it all came to this and just want to vent. I guess my own blog is the right place.

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