Until we meet again, Slackware

It seems I have come to the point where I no longer find Slackware fit for me. This post is not intended as some “I’m leaving Slackware! Farewell!” drama, that you may find at LQ. I believe no one cares about what I choose to use. I just feel that if I am going to give up maintenance of my SlackBuilds, I should at least provide some reasoning. Also, I am sad it all came to this and just want to vent. I guess my own blog is the right place.

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I recently came across a cool blog, dedicated to Slackware, Linux and technology: linuxgalaxy.org. What amazed me at a first glance was that it looked almost exactly as what I had in mind for my own blog in the beginning. Originally, I had an S-shaped galaxy in the banner, where the S made the first letter of the blog’s name…
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Nine years of Slackalaxy

It has been 9 years. I have total of 230 posts, including this one.

That’s all :)

Slackalaxy at GitHub

Well, I finally took the time to set up a GitHub repo (https://github.com/slackalaxy). I started testing my SlackBuilds on Slackware 15.0 beta here. At the moment I am making sure sources build, fix broken links, etc. This is all only on x86_64 for now.
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Eight years for Slackalaxy

It has been 8 years, since I started my humble blog. With this post, I have 208 altogether.

Well, that’s it.