Deal with missing *.la files on CRUX

Many programs started removing *.la files in the recent years. I will not discuss about them, but from what I have understood it is an obsolete system. This leads to problems, when a program would no longer build since it expects to find *.la files that are no longer there.
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Own ports and packages repos for CRUX

I’ve been using CRUX as my main system for couple of months now. My PC has an nice CPU and lots of RAM, so compiling stuff on it is not a problem. This is not the case with my old ThinkPad x230, though… So, I want to turn the packages created on my PC, into a packages repository for the laptop, running the same distro.
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CRUX post-install cheatsheet

The website actually provides all the information you need in order to have your CRUX installation up and running. Especially useful reads are the handbook, the wiki and the prt-get manual together with prt-utils list for package management.

Here, I am going to outline a few steps to do immediately after install for my future reference.
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