WPS Office dictionaries collection

I have just submitted wps-office-dicts to SBo. The script packages spell check dictionaries for WPS Office. The language files themselves are the LibreOffice Dictionaries project, but adapted for WPS Office, following the instructions of this old post of mine. However, it got me thinking that not only Slackware users may want to have these easy to install, therefore I made a wps-office-dicts repo at my GitHub.

Below are the included languages. I cannot test all these, so if there are issues with a language you speak, let me know.

af_ZA    Afrikaans
an_ES    Aragonese
ar       Arabic
be_BY    Belarusian
bg_BG    Bulgarian
bn_BD    Bengali
bo       Tibetan
br_FR    Breton
bs_BA    Bosnian
ca       Catalan
ckb      Kurdish (Sorani)
cs_CZ    Czech
da_DK    Danish
de_AT    German (Austrian)
de_CH    German (Swiss)
de_DE    German
el_GR    Greek
en_AU    English (Australian)
en_CA    English (Canada)
en_GB    English (Great Britain)
en_ZA    English (South African)
eo       Esperanto
es       Spanish (international)
es_AR    Spanish (Argentina)
es_BO    Spanish (Bolivia)
es_CL    Spanish (Chile)
es_CO    Spanish (Colombia)
es_CR    Spanish (Costa Rica)
es_CU    Spanish (Cuba)
es_DO    Spanish (República Dominicana)
es_EC    Spanish (Ecuador)
es_ES    Spanish (España)
es_GQ    Spanish (Guinea Ecuatorial)
es_GT    Spanish (Guatemala)
es_HN    Spanish (Honduras)
es_MX    Spanish (México)
es_NI    Spanish (Nicaragua)
es_PA    Spanish (Panamá)
es_PE    Spanish (Perú)
es_PH    Spanish (Filipinas)
es_PR    Spanish (Puerto Rico)
es_PY    Spanish (Paraguay)
es_SV    Spanish (El Salvador)
es_US    Spanish (Estados Unidos)
es_UY    Spanish (Uruguay)
es_VE    Spanish (Venezuela)
et_EE    Estonian
fa_IR    Farsi
fr       French
gd_GB    Scottish Gaelic
gl_ES    Galician
gu_IN    Gujarati
gug      Guarani
he_IL    Hebrew
hi_IN    Hindi
hr_HR    Croatian
hu_HU    Hungarian
id_ID    Indonesian
is       Icelandic
it_IT    Italian
kmr_Latn Kurdish (Turkey)
ko_KR    Korean
lo_LA    Lao
lt       Lithuanian
lv_LV    Latvian
mn_MN    Mongolian
ne_NP    Nepali
nl_NL    Netherlands
nb_NO    Norwegian (Bokmål)
nn_NO    Norwegian (Nynorsk)
oc_FR    Occitan
pl_PL    Polish
pt_BR    Brazilian Portuguese
pt_PT    Portuguese
ro_RO    Romanian
ru_RU    Russian
si_LK    Sinhala
sk_SK    Slovak
sl_SI    Slovenian
sq_AL    Albanian
sr       Serbian (Cyrillic)
sr_Latn  Serbian (Latin)
sv_SE    Swedish
sv_FI    Swedish (Finland)
sw_TZ    Swahili
te_IN    Telugu
th_TH    Thai
tr_TR    Turkish
uk_UA    Ukrainian
vi_VN    Vietnamese

Now, back to the SlackBuild… It packages all languages (90 as of today), but I left the option to select just individual ones, because probably not everyone would need all these. To install Bulgarian and British English, I would run it like:

LANGS="bg_BG en_GB" ./wps-office-dicts.SlackBuild

2 Comments on “WPS Office dictionaries collection”

  1. […] (27 May 2023): check this much more recent post of mine, as well as the ready to use dictionaries at […]

  2. […] (27 May 2023): check this much more recent post of mine, as well as the ready to use dictionaries at […]

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