WPS Office v11.* dictionary

I noticed that an old post of mine about adding dictionaries to WPS Office, has been receiving some attention recently. I quickly checked the links and it seems they are dead, also the file paths listed there no longer apply for WPS Office v11. Therefore, I decided to check how to add dictionaries to version 11.

I am using WPS Office installed from SBo on Slackware64 -current. First you need to have the dictionaries files. Since the ones from WPS office are no longer available (or I simply cannot find them), I searched a bit and ended up with the dictionaries for LibreOffice found here. I suppose you can download only the ones you need, however, I just downloaded the whole collection and unzipped it.

As in my old post, I want to have British English spellcheck. What I need is found in the en folder, but it has to be prepared for WPS Office as follows:

  • Create a folder en_GB
  • Copy files en_GB.aff and en_GB.dic to the newly created folder and rename them as main.aff and main.dic, respectively.
  • Create a file called dict.conf within folder en_GB with the following contents:
DisplayName=English (UK)
DisplayName[en_GB]=English (UK)

Ok, so where does this folder go? The en_GB folder should be placed in either:

  • for your user only: ~/.local/share/Kingsoft/office6/dicts/
  • system-wide: /opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6/dicts/spellcheck/

Then just restart WPS Office. To select the dictionary go to:

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