Chrome support for ftp sites

I’ve been updating my SlackBuilds for -current and noticed something quite strange. Whenever I needed to check for new sources, if the tarball was hosted on an ftp site, Chrome would refuse to open it. I searched a bit and it seems Chrome has dropped ftp support by default.

I found this “feature” discussion, stating:

Feature: Deprecate FTP support (deprecated)
The current FTP implementation in Google Chrome has no support for encrypted connections (FTPS), nor proxies. Usage of FTP in the browser is sufficiently low that it is no longer viable to invest in improving the existing FTP client. In addition more capable FTP clients are available on all affected platforms.

Seriously? Anyway, there’s still a way to enable it, as described here:

  • Go to chrome://flags in the address bar.
  • Search for enable-ftp
  • this will find Enable support for FTP URLs
  • change it to Enabled and restart Chrome

Seems to work. However, I am looking for another browser.

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