sboutils 0.01_beta

Since I moved back to Slackware as my major system, I wanted to make SlackBuild scripts and a bit easier to deal with. Therefore I wrote myself several small tools, collectively called sboutils. I will be busy in the following weeks, so I decided to call its current stage as first release candidate 0.01_beta.

Here’s the announcement on LQ. Tools to manage SlackBuilds are sboask (shows information from, sborun (runs a SlackBuild automatically) and sboset (helps with SlackBuild templates). They are written in BASH and are heavily inspired by the pkgutils and prt-get outstanding package management tools for CRUX. Notably, the way dependencies are displayed is very much influenced by them. For more info and examples, just go through the README at GitHub.

This is still a work in progress, as I am testing the tools at the moment. I will appreciate any feedback either by email: slackalaxy ат, or on ppetrov^.

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