My name is Petar and here I collect tutorials, tips, tricks and other hints that I have found useful. My distribution of choice is Slackware, therefore all posts are presented from the perspective of a Slackware user.

I have a PhD in immunology and a MSc in biochemistry. I’ve been working in the fields of immunology and computational evolutionary biology.

I maintain a few scripts at SBo, most of which build programs useful for biologists and chemists. I sometimes visit ##slackware and #slackbuilds at irc.freenode.net as ppetrov^. I frequently read the Slackware forum at LinuxQuestions and occasionally participate in the discussions as solarfields.

Nice you stopped by!


email: slackalaxy ат gmail дот com
irc.freenode.net: ppetrov^
LinuxQuestions: solarfields

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