HexChat auto login

I have always preferred a graphical IRC client, probably because I got familiar with IRC quite late. I used to make XChat auto login to irc.freenode.net with my username, but since I did this once per Slackware release, I never really remembered how I set it up.

With Slackware 14.2, XChat got substituted by HexChat, which has a very similar look and feel. For several months I would login manually every time, typing the identification command… Anyway, I decided to make things a bot more convenient and this time write it down.

From the Network List, select freenode and click Edit. Set the Login method to Custom... (connect commands). Then, go to Connect commands tab and Add the identification command:

/msg NickServ identify %p

where %p will parse the password entered in the Password field:


Of course, among the channels I specify in the Autojoin channels tab are ##slackware and #slackbuilds.


2 Comments on “HexChat auto login”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I refer to this guide every time I set up hexchat on a new computer (I tend to forget the steps each time after installing!)

  2. slackalaxy says:

    I am glad someone finds useful stuff in my humble blog :)

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