WPS Office dictionary

I have been using WPS Office for quite some time now, and I am really not looking back. The default spellcheck that comes with the office is American English (en_US). I wanted to add a spell check in Writer for British English, since this is what I normally use for documents. 

NOTE (27 May 2023): check this much more recent post of mine, as well as the ready to use dictionaries at GitHub.

NOTE (03 April 2021): Please, check this newer post for updated howto for WPS Office 11.*!

So, I found dictionaries at the Downloads section of the WPS Community page. The one I need is en_GB.zip. I placed the unzipped folder in ~/.kingsoft/office6/dicts/ and then opened Writer and went to:

Options > Spell Check > Custom Dictionaries > Add

Then I navigated to the dictionary file ~/.kingsoft/office6/dicts/en_GB/main.dic and then selected the new dictionary:

That’s it!


2 Comments on “WPS Office dictionary”

  1. John W. Smith says:

    Perfect, that straightforward eh? So it was, thanks, JohnS……………

  2. […] noticed that an old post of mine about adding dictionaries to WPS Office, has been receiving some attention recently. I […]

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