CRUX ports added to portdb

My collection of CRUX ports has been just added to the portdb section at CRUX’s web-site, as ppetrov. I also maintain Xfce 4.12 for CRUX 3.7, but decided that it will not be of much interest, so it’s not there. Anyway, both repos are available at GitHub.

Cytoscape and JAVA 11

I use Cytoscape for network analyses. It’s a JAVA program, that seems to quite picky about the version and flavour of JAVA. At the moment, Cytoscape 3.9.1 requires JAVA 11, specifically AdoptOpenJDK Hotspot. The project has recently moved to Adoptium, that offer prebuilt OpenJDK binaries.
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CRUX post-install cheatsheet

The website actually provides all the information you need in order to have your CRUX installation up and running. Especially useful reads are the handbook, the wiki and the prt-get manual together with prt-utils list for package management.

Here, I am going to outline a few steps to do immediately after install for my future reference.
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