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Seven years for Slackalaxy

Yep… It has been 7 years. I recently switched to Premium plan, that’s why I’ve been customizing a few things, messing with CSS of the theme. With this post I have 188 altogether.

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Slackware financial issues

This is something regarding the future of my favourite Linux distribution. There has been this post at LinuxQuestions by Slackware maintainer Patrick Volkerding about the financial situation of the distribution (and his own). It is quite bad. The discussion is about … Continue reading

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As a maintainer at, I try to keep my scripts updated. Normally, I would just go through the list of SlackBuilds that I maintain and check each project’s website for updates. It is time consuming and (worst) really boring. I … Continue reading

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Six years for Slackalaxy

It has been six years. This makes total of 168 posts. I like that the site has its own domain and no advertisements. I bet readers have AdBlock anyway, but it’s a principle thing… :) Well, that’s it.

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Break a line in Inkscape

I have a solid line in Inkscape and I want to insert a line break, say, in the middle. The reason is that I had a relatively complex figure generated as SVG, where I need to colour some lines in … Continue reading

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