Managing git

I appreciate git’s power, but I still find it unnecessarily complicated. I am not going to whine or complain here about that. Instead, I decided to outline a few steps about setting up keys and some basic commands. I am using GitHub as an example.
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GitHub direct download links

As a maintainer at, I would like to have a handy place to store some “problematic” sources and some other files. Once upon a time, I used SourceForge, but I wanted to have it at Slackalaxy’s GitHub repo. Uploading tarballs is fine, however what should be the download link to put in, for example, a *.info file?
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SBo git master, sbopkg and sqg

I had a rather simple solution to use sbopkg with the most recent git from SBo. However, after reading this discussion, it seems there’s a more intelligent way to do it, nicely described by ponce. Read the rest of this entry »