A sbopkg GUI

An interesting post appeared in LQ, announcing a graphical user interface for sbopkg based on PyQt. It is described as being similar to the Synaptic Package Manager, just simpler. The developer is Gernot Walzl and his web-page contains a lot of interesting stuff, among which the sbopkg_gui can be found.
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Adding a new repo to sbopkg

The SlackBuilds repository for 14.1 is out, but sbopkg has not been updated to use it. As before, there’s ponce’s solution. So… Read the rest of this entry »

SBo git master, sbopkg and sqg

I had a rather simple solution to use sbopkg with the most recent git from SBo. However, after reading this discussion, it seems there’s a more intelligent way to do it, nicely described by ponce. Read the rest of this entry »

Making sbopkg and sbotools coexist

I have been using that great tool sbopkg for several years and it has always worked perfectly. Combined with the collection of queue files, the dependency resolution becomes semi-automatic.

A new project, called sbotools, emerged recently which seems fairly interesting. Read the rest of this entry »