SBo git master, sbopkg and sqg

I had a rather simple solution to use sbopkg with the most recent git from SBo. However, after reading this discussion, it seems there’s a more intelligent way to do it, nicely described by ponce. So, following the instructions, I created the file /etc/sbopkg/repos.d/70-slackbuilds.repo with the following content (one row):

slackbuilds master "Official master git branch from" custom git git:// ""

After that I opened /etc/sbopkg/sbopkg.conf and edited these lines in the following section, commenting out the defaults:

# Other variables:

I started sbopkg and went Utilities > Repository > slackbuilds (master). Then I wanted to generate build queues by sqg. I opened the script and modified this block of text, commenting out the default lines, just as above:


Then I just generated all the queues:

sqg -a

Thanks to Willy for pointing to ponce’s tip.

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