Slackonly: packages built from SBo

I read about a new project at SlackWorld, with a domain called Slackonly. It provides a repository of packages (for the x86_64 architecture at the moment) built by the scripts at The repository contains MD5 sums and GPG signatures for all of its packages. In addition, to resolve dependencies problems, the REQUIRES information from the *.info files will be provided in a separate file.

The ultimate goal seems to be making packages from all categories, which is a serious task.

At the moment, the repository has packages from Accessibility, Desktop, Multimedia and Ruby. I was pleased to see that even the Academic section has two entries (built by scripts that I maintain — EMBOSS and EMBASSY).

However, at the moment the project has several limitations: the work is done by one single person, the packages have to be tested and last but not least the repository has to earn its reputation of providing trusted packages. Therefore, the author of Slackonly will welcome people willing to help. If someone is interested, his contact information is available at the site.

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