Chrome Theme Creator

I want to make Google Chrome, a GTK3 application, match the colour scheme of my GTK2 theme that I am using with Xfce 4.12. I am using Murrina Gilouche, which has been among my favourite ones for many years. I can’t compile, say Chromium, against GTK2, so I want to make at least the colours of Chrome consistent with it.
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Murrine 32-bit on Slackware64 -multilib

I’ve been happily using Slackware64 14.1 -multilib for a week and the system is just great. I installed Skype from and it behaves. I wanted it to use my current GTK2 theme, which uses the murrine engine. So, in stead of converting a 32bit package, I decided to just compile the murrine engine as a 32bit program. Read the rest of this entry »