GTK1 engine and theme

I like to set a theme for GTK1, so the few programs that use the toolkit do not look as ugly. There is the Industrial engine and theme for GTK1, which has not been developed for a long time, but works just fine. It can be installed from SBo and it does not conflict with the gtk-engines package.

Once the engine/theme has been installed, it is time to select it to be used for GTK1 programs. A tiny, little program that can do this is gtk1-theme-switch, also available from SBo. It will list all GTK themes, as well as any XFCE window manager themes. So don’t get confused by the long list and make sure the theme you select “Industrial”.

Why would anyone want to set a theme for GTK1? Well, at least for me there are still some programs that I use that rely on GTK1. XMMS, that comes with the default Slackware install, is an example. Now, its Preferences window looks much better:

Screenshot - 11012014 - 01:00:27 PM

Other programs are the various XMMS plug-ins, Grip2, Arka.

I have mentioned about setting a GTK1 theme before, but I decided it needed its own post…

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