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MSB and SBo common entries

I decided to make a quick check of the common entries between MATE SlackBuilds (MSB) and SlackBuilds.org (SBo). The following packages provided by MSB 1.8 (as “base” and “extra”) for Slackware 14.1 are available at SBo 14.1 repo:

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MATE SlackBuilds

I have been following the development of the MATE SlackBuilds (MSB) project for quite some time. Finally, I decided to give MATE a try. I wanted to have a relatively clean system before I install, since some of the packages … Continue reading

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Reboot instead of shut down

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad S430 laptop. Occasionally, when I want to shut down the machine, it would power off and a second later turn on again. Seems to happen more often when using the battery, but I am not … Continue reading

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Installing from a USB

I had never installed an operating system from a USB stick. However, I had to deal with a netbook (dual core Atom CPU and 1 GB of RAM) that had no CD-ROM. It was not for my own use, so … Continue reading

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Slackonly: packages built from SBo

I read about a new project at SlackWorld, with a domain called Slackonly. It provides a repository of packages (for the x86_64 architecture at the moment) built by the scripts at SlackBuilds.org. The repository contains MD5 sums and GPG signatures … Continue reading

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