MSB and SBo common entries

I decided to make a quick check of the common entries between MATE SlackBuilds (MSB) and (SBo). The following packages provided by MSB 1.8 (as “base” and “extra”) for Slackware 14.1 are available at SBo 14.1 repo:

MSB (base)
gtk-engines | Theme engines for GTK+2
libunique | a library for writing single instance applications
murrine | Gtk2 Cairo Engine
pangox-compat | X font support for Pango
rarian | documentation metadata library
yelp-tools | documentation checker
yelp-xsl | stylesheet for Yelp

MSB (extra)
atkmm | C++ bindings for ATK
cairomm | C++ wrapper for the cairo graphics library
gksu | Gtk+ frontend to su and sudo
glibmm | C++ bindings for glib
gssdp | GObject-based API for handling resource of SSDP
gtkmm | C++ interface for GTK+
gtksourceview | a GTK+ framework for source code editing
libgksu | library for gksu
libgtop | a top-like library
libsigc++ | typesafe callback system for standard C++
mm-common | build infrastructure and utilities for GNOME C++ bindings
pangomm | C++ API for Pango
perl-net-dbus | Net::DBus perl module
perl-xml-twig | Perl XML transformation module
pygobject3 | GObject bindings for Python
pygtksourceview | Python bindings for gtksourceview

So, whenever I install something from SBo, I should keep in mind that these are already present.

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