Legacy icons in XFCE

I finally upgraded to Slackware64 14.2. I made a clean install and set up the system to be -multilib. I use XFCE and I wanted to use my favourite GNOME Colors icon theme. It is not available at SBo for Slackware 14.2 anymore and it depends on gnome-icon-theme that was removed from Slackware in favour of adwaita-icon-theme.

Therefore, what I did was:

  • Compile the gnome-icon-theme using the source and SlackBuild for Slackware 14.1.
  • Similarly, install gnome-colors from SBo 14.1.Before, I heard that gnome-colors fails to build, but there were no problems compiling it on the -multilib system.

The icon theme looks and behaves just as expected. It is worth noting that several icons were missing from the menu, if the Tango icon theme was selected. These were the Education category, Keyboard, Network Connections and PulseAudio Volume Control:


After the gnome-icon-theme was installed, the corresponding icons appeared. May be not surprising, since the index.theme of Tango states the following:

[Icon Theme]
Comment=Tango Icon Theme

Anyway, I am glad to have the look-and-feel that I am familiar with.

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