Gnome legacy icon theme

When I started with Linux, back in 2005, the desktop environment that came with the distro was Gnome 2.6. I was very impressed with its icon theme, and won’t lie to say that I fell in love with it. At Gnome 2.16, the next generation, Tango-like theme was introduced. I do like it, I also like Tango very much. However, I made an attempt to revive the pre-2.16 theme.
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Legacy icons in XFCE

I finally upgraded to Slackware64 14.2. I made a clean install and set up the system to be -multilib. I use XFCE and I wanted to use my favourite GNOME Colors icon theme. It is not available at SBo for Slackware 14.2 anymore and it depends on gnome-icon-theme that was removed from Slackware in favour of adwaita-icon-theme. Read the rest of this entry »

LibreOffice in KDE4

I prefer to make LibreOffice behave as a GTK+ application in KDE4. Somehow, it looks and feels better this way. To do this, I simply added the following line in /usr/bin/libreoffice (in the beginning, before the rest of the variables): Read the rest of this entry »