Tale of Two Wastelands

Let me start by saying that this post has nothing to do with Slackware or Linux. I am a Fallout 3 / New Vegas fan and recently I had to set up Tale of Two Wastelands. Unfortunately, I was not able to find written instructions, just a video. For me, that’s very inconvenient, therefore I decided to write down a few notes.
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Playing DOOM on Linux

I was in a nostalgic mood and bought Ultimate Doom and Doom II + Final Doom from GOG. There was even a discount in the beginning of January. I searched SBo for a way to play the game and it seems to offer quite a lot of options. After some reading and tries, I decided that the best option for me is prboom-plus. So, here’s what I did:
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Heroes III in a Windows VM

Over a year ago, I wrote a post about playing Heroes III natively in Linux thanks to the VCMI project. Unfortunatelly, the VCMI engine is not yet stable enough for me to consider the game playable. It turned out to crash way too often, and sometimes the AI players behave in a pretty weird way.

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Quake III demo

I liked to play the Quake III demo, occasionally. I have never played the full game, but since I am not really into 3D shooters, the demo is quite enough. Years ago, its Linux version installed and ran without problems. Then, at some point sound stopped working, then the game could not be extracted and nowadays I wouldn’t even try to install it on modern systems. Read the rest of this entry »

VCMI: quick and automated setup

To play Heroes III with the VCMI engine, the original game data and unofficial addons have to be copied (manually) to their required locations. It is not a big issue, but can be confusing at first. Read the rest of this entry »