Tangoish clearlooking KDE

Every now and then, I get the masochistic urge to set up KDE to my liking. Don’t get me wrong, KDE is a great desktop IMO. Simply, for a person who prefers the simplicity of GTK, this can be a challenging task. Also, I like to have a consistent look and feel of my desktop, so I have to select matching themes for QT4, GTK3, GTK2 and (yes!) GTK1.

Long story short, here’s what I ended up with:

QT4: install QtCurve-KDE4 from SBo and use it with this style and color scheme.
GTK3 and GTK2: install clearlooks-phenix from SBo and select the theme with the help of kde-gtk-config.
GTK1: install the gtk1-industrial-engine from SBo and select it through gtk1-theme-switch. It’s not exactly Clearlooks but still better than nothing.
KDE icons: Tangoish
GTK icons: the tango theme that comes with Slackware

Select them from the System Settings panel. Since I had tried some different icon themes, I had to run pkgtool > Setup > update-desktop-database & update-mime-database & gtk-update-icon-cache. Sure, there is QTCurve for GTK2, but it had some glitches, may be due to my Intel video. Also, I know that the default Oxygen theme supports both GTK2 and GTK3. It is buggy! Some applications do not look very well, for example the menus in Kompozer. Others, like ClamTK simply would not start if Oxygen is the selected theme.


2 Comments on “Tangoish clearlooking KDE”

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