VirtualBox disable check for update

I recently installed Slackware64 15.0 on one of my boxes (yey!). Not my main system, but it is still nice to have it… I want to play Heroes III in a virtual machine, therefore I installed VirtualBox 6.1. I used the “All distributions” run file and the installation went fine. However, it would not start.
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Ten years of Slackalaxy

Ten years ago, I started my humble blog. It has been a nice run and although I do not have many visitors, I like to believe someone found useful stuff here. Ah yes, I have total of 248 posts, including this one.

Stop XScreenSaver when fullscreen is playing

I want to disable XScreenSaver when playing YouTube videos. I looked for any browser plugins, but did not find anything suitable. Sure, I can always turn it off before I watch something in the browser, but come on. Therefore I decided to look for a more “global” solution.
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Mounting an iPhone on CRUX

The old iPhone saga continues. I use my phone quite “lightly”, but every couple of years I think it’s a good idea to clean the photos and videos. Should be easy enough right? Heh… I naively plugged it in and nothing happened. Well, the libimobiledevice project is iPhone’s friend on Linux. So, i decided to prepare a few ports.
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Cytoscape and JAVA 11

I use Cytoscape for network analyses. It’s a JAVA program, that seems to quite picky about the version and flavour of JAVA. At the moment, Cytoscape 3.9.1 requires JAVA 11, specifically AdoptOpenJDK Hotspot. The project has recently moved to Adoptium, that offer prebuilt OpenJDK binaries.
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