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Freetype hinting mode

I just upgraded to -current, which should become Slackware 15.0 at some point. I immediately noticed that hinting was awful. I tried changing the settings in Xfce, but there was no improvement. Finally, I realised that it should be set … Continue reading

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Chrome broken fonts

I recently upgraded to Google Chrome 60.0.3112, using the script in Slackware 14.2 /extra. I immediatelly noticed a problem with fonts rendering, which affected not only web sites, but the browser itself. The same problem exists in Alien Bob’s Chromium … Continue reading

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WPS Office

With the latest SlackBuilds.org update, WPS Office was added to the repository. I decided to give it a try, as I have never been too happy with Impress. The SlackBuild script just repackages the binaries provided from upstream. So far, … Continue reading

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Cyrillic in the XMMS playlist

In the XMMS playlist, the default font for GTK1 does not display correctly Cyrillic file names. A commonly used encoding for Cyrillic text is CP1251.

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