Udev and libsane.rules

I decided to upgrade the kernel of my CRUX system from 5.15.26 to 5.18.9. As before, I grabbed the config file from Slackware -current, adjusted the GCC version to 10.3.0 (what comes with CRUX) and made sure to build support for my file system (XFS) into the kernel itself. However, upon boot, I got an error message about udev and libsane.
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VirtualBox disable check for update

I recently installed Slackware64 15.0 on one of my boxes (yey!). Not my main system, but it is still nice to have it… I want to play Heroes III in a virtual machine, therefore I installed VirtualBox 6.1. I used the “All distributions” run file and the installation went fine. However, it would not start.
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Ten years of Slackalaxy

Ten years ago, I started my humble blog. It has been a nice run and although I do not have many visitors, I like to believe someone found useful stuff here. Ah yes, I have total of 248 posts, including this one.

Stop XScreenSaver when fullscreen is playing

I want to disable XScreenSaver when playing YouTube videos. I looked for any browser plugins, but did not find anything suitable. Sure, I can always turn it off before I watch something in the browser, but come on. Therefore I decided to look for a more “global” solution.
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Mounting an iPhone on CRUX

The old iPhone saga continues. I use my phone quite “lightly”, but every couple of years I think it’s a good idea to clean the photos and videos. Should be easy enough right? Heh… I naively plugged it in and nothing happened. Well, the libimobiledevice project is iPhone’s friend on Linux. So, i decided to prepare a few ports.
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