Spreadsheet cells’ contents length

I need to compare a list of UniProt identifiers to a database of protein-protein interactions. All IDs in my list are 6 characters in length, while the database I am comparing to has many entries that are longer. I want to clean these up, since nothing from my list will match to them and I also want to speed searches by making the database smaller.
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Average every n number of rows in a spreadsheet

I have a long column of data that I want to make into a chart. The problem is that the column has over 50000 rows and processing it gets problematic. I looked for a way to average every Nth number of rows, in order to speed up things.
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Shorten contents of spreadsheet cells

I have a spreadsheet file with a list of species’ Latin names. I want to automatically create abbreviations for each species, by shortening both the genus and specific epithet to a certain number of characters. Here’s how to do it.
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Slackware and SlackBuilds.org cited in a scientific publication

The latest paper from our research group has just been published in Scientific Reports. A big part of the work was done in silico, using different software tools and databases. All bioinformatics software used locally was installed on a Slackware64 system, almost exclusively from the scripts at SlackBuilds.org. With this post, I would like to give my sincere thanks to Slackware and the SlackBuilds.org community.
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Row to column in Gnumeric

I have some spreadsheet data which I want to present in columns, instead of the rows that I initially entered. I searched a bit and found instructions for Excel here. The principle is the same, so here’s what I did for Gnumeric. Read the rest of this entry »