Firefox: disable the built-in PDF viewer

When the built-in PDF viewer arrived for Firefox, I was quite excited. However, I have to admit that it does not always work well. Sometimes fonts look weird and pictures distorted.

If it does not work well enough — let’s disable it! I searched and found the answer here. Open about:config and set the following to true:


Now, to make Firefox embed my preferred PDF viewer, I installed mozplugger from SBo. Its configuration file is /etc/mozpluggerrc and the PDF settings start at line 219 for this release (version 2.1.4). Edit to your liking, but even xpdf works very nicely, embedded into Firefox.

You may need to do one last thing. Go to Edit > Preferences > Applications, search for pdf and make Firefox use MozPlugger:

Screenshot - 09252014 - 08:14:04 PM

That’s it. Restart the browser if settings do not take effect.

By default, Adobe Acrobat (acroread) is commented out in /etc/mozpluggerrc. Since this is the particular PDF viewer I like to use, I uncommented it and proceeded as described previously. The instructions are for Seamonkey, but the steps work analogously for Firefox.

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