Dependencies calculator

I came across this interesting discussion at LQ, introducing a new tool called HooRex (a pun for “who requires”). The program scans the SBo repository and determines dependency relations between packages in both directions: Read the rest of this entry »

Package dependency graphs from SBo

There was a very interesting announcement at the LQ forum of Slackware by Gabriel Magno. In his project SlackBuildsViz, he provides scripts to collect and visualize dependency graphs from He also provided the generated graphs (*.png) and build queue files (*.sqf). Read the rest of this entry »


I have been using the great and handy sbopkg tool for quite some time and it works very well. Normally, I would just download the queue files collection and place it in /var/lib/sbopkg/queues. Recently, I heard about a nice little script called sqg that can generate queues files. Read the rest of this entry »