Package dependency graphs from SBo

There was a very interesting announcement at the LQ forum of Slackware by Gabriel Magno. In his project SlackBuildsViz, he provides scripts to collect and visualize dependency graphs from He also provided the generated graphs (*.png) and build queue files (*.sqf). Well, of course I was curious to check mine, especially after i saw that two of the entries that I maintain (clamtk and the associated thunar-sendto-clamtk) are in the “top 10” of dependencies complexity.

Below is a more simple example. EMBOSS is a Java application and requires jdk, while the associated package EMBASSY is dependent on EMBOSS:


OK, let’s try something more interesting. For example gchemutils. In this case there are 5 first level dependencies (i.e. no deps of deps): goffice, gtkglext, openbabel, bodr, chemical-mime-data. The graph however, includes the dependencies of the first level dependencies as well:

gchemutilsGoing through the graphs, I realised that I had a redundant dependency for gbgoffice. In the REQUIRES field of I had listed both libsigc++ and gtkmm. However, by looking at the graph it is quite clear that the only first level dependency is gtkmm and I submitted a fix for that.

gbgofficePretty neat, isn’t it? I made a slight modification of my SlackBuilds list and included the dependency graphs and build queues for all entries. Hopefully it will make it easier for me to keep track of the required packages.
EDIT (16.03.2014): After Slackware 14.1 came out, some things changed for the dependencies and I haven’t had the time to generate new graphs. So, I removed them for now.

Thanks Gabriel!

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