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Clearing syslog

Due to some reason, my /var/log/syslog had grown over 500MB. Since I have /var mounted to a separate partition I noticed it easily. I had never had such an issue, so I googled around and found this very old post.

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Multirow bookmarks toolbar for Firefox

Over the years, the amount of bookmarks that I like to keep in my toolbar has grown and they no longer fit n a single row. I searched a bit and found this very useful Firefox add-on, called Roomy Bookmarks … Continue reading

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Two years for slackalaxy…

It has been two years. :) This makes total of 71 posts, over 11,000 views and 30 comments, including my own replies.

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Mounting an ISO image

Now, that’s a piece of trivia! Sometimes I want to see what’s on an ISO image, so easiest will be to just mount it to a folder. I have been doing this occasionally since I started using Linux and I … Continue reading

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Slackonly: packages built from SBo

I read about a new project at SlackWorld, with a domain called Slackonly. It provides a repository of packages (for the x86_64 architecture at the moment) built by the scripts at The repository contains MD5 sums and GPG signatures … Continue reading

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