Firefox PDF Viewer plugin

In Slackware64, even if the system is converted to multilib and Adobe Reader runs fine, there will still be problems for it to integrate into Firefox. A 64bit Firefox and 32bit Acrobat apparently do not work nicely together…

Sure, I could use a 32bit Firefox, but come on…

As a compromise I have been using Evince and even switched to Google Chrome for a while, since it can view PDF files by default. However, a nice discussion in LQ pointed me to a plugin for Firefox called PDF viewer. It does what the name says! Many thanks to mrclisdue :)


Looking for the same for Seamonkey…

One Comment on “Firefox PDF Viewer plugin”

  1. […] the built-in PDF viewer arrived for Firefox, I was quite excited. However, I have to admit that it does not always work well. Sometimes fonts look weird and […]

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