Stop XScreenSaver when fullscreen is playing

I want to disable XScreenSaver when playing YouTube videos. I looked for any browser plugins, but did not find anything suitable. Sure, I can always turn it off before I watch something in the browser, but come on. Therefore I decided to look for a more “global” solution.
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Electricsheep save directory

I have Electricsheep installed and have selected it via XScreenSaver. However, my /home is on a SSD and I decided that maybe it is not a good idea to have the constantly evolving sheep stored in ~/.electricsheep. Therefore I looked for a way to specify a different directory.
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E17 and xscreensaver

I decided to try E17 on my multimedia PC. I have built Enlightenment from SBo, but there were some glitches. In stead, I decided to give Slacke17 a try. Read the rest of this entry »