Column to cell in a spreadsheet

I have a list of gene names in a spreadsheet column hat I need to transform to a row. Using the transpose function does not do the job, because gene names should be in a single cell, comma separated. So, I searched a bit and found the TEXTJOIN function.
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Geneconv: detect gene conversion

Geneconv is a program for detecting gene conversion between aligned DNA sequences. It can also search for gene conversion fragments from outside the alignment. The output results are ranked by P-values and presented in a spreadsheet manner. The data are valuable for bioinformatics studies and papers that deal with evolution.
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I need to export gene coordinates and exon organisation as a figure. I have prepared the annotations in UniPro Ugene, which I have installed from SBo. A nice tool for graphical representation of such data is provided by the GenomeTools software. It can be easily installed from SBo, too. Read the rest of this entry »