Customised xterm

Although I’ve always had xterm installed, I rarely used it. Once upon a time it was the default terminal in Xfce, and it opens by default by some programs, but that’s all. I decided to have it polished a bit and customise the colours, font and cursor.

I searched and found this example, which I used as a starting point. As advised, I created a file ~/.Xresources where the settings are specified. I additionally wanted my cursor to be a blinking underscore and to use terminus-font-otb, so I ended up with the following configuration:

! xrdb -merge .Xresources

! Use a nice truetype font and size by default... 
xterm*faceName: Terminus
xterm*faceSize: 10

! Every shell is a login shell by default (for inclusion of all necessary environment variables)
xterm*loginshell: true

! I like a LOT of scrollback...
xterm*savelines: 16384

! double-click to select whole URLs :D
!xterm*charClass: 33:48,36-47:48,58-59:48,61:48,63-64:48,95:48,126:48

! DOS-box colours...
xterm*foreground: rgb:ff/ff/ff
xterm*background: rgb:00/00/00
xterm*color0: rgb:00/00/00
xterm*color1: rgb:a8/00/00
xterm*color2: rgb:00/a8/00
xterm*color3: rgb:a8/54/00
xterm*color4: rgb:00/00/a8
xterm*color5: rgb:a8/00/a8
xterm*color6: rgb:00/a8/a8
xterm*color7: rgb:a8/a8/a8
xterm*color8: rgb:54/54/54
xterm*color9: rgb:fc/54/54
xterm*color10: rgb:54/fc/54
xterm*color11: rgb:fc/fc/54
xterm*color12: rgb:54/54/fc
xterm*color13: rgb:fc/54/fc
xterm*color14: rgb:54/fc/fc
xterm*color15: rgb:fc/fc/fc

! right hand side scrollbar...
xterm*rightScrollBar: false
xterm*ScrollBar: false

! stop output to terminal from jumping down to bottom of scroll again
xterm*scrollTtyOutput: false

xterm*cursorBlink: true
xterm*cursorUnderLine: true

Then, either log out and back in or run the following to apply the changes:

xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources



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