Tango 48×48

I decided to modify a bit the Tango icon theme, similarly to what I did for GNOME Colors. There, the problem was that some programs like Meld, would not display 48×48 sized icons if these were not available as PNG. I like Tango and wanted to have it working properly with no missing icons.

I downloaded the latest source, copied the scalable folder as folder 48x48, then went to each of the subfolders and converted the SVG icons to PNG with 48×48 size. The command from the previous post did not work, Inkscape complained with:

** (inkscape:29445): WARNING **: 23:28:46.301: Invalid option --export-type=png

No idea why. Well, I do not remember which version I used at the time of GNOME Colors, but I have done some updating meanwhile. As of this post, I am using version 0.92.5 (yes, I know it’s old) on CRUX 3.6.1.

So, instead I did this:

svg=$(ls *.svg)
for i in ${svg[@]} ; do inkscape --without-gui $i --export-png=${i%.*}.png --export-width=48 --export-height=48 ; done

Did it for all subfolders, needed to modify a bit a few Makefiles. Long story short: I uploaded the updated theme in my own GitHub repo.

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