Archaeopteryx configuration 2

Couple of years ago, I wrote about the configuration file of Archaeopteryx, a phylogenetic tree analysis program. I have set it to use native ui, as described in my old post. However, some things have changed meanwhile, so in order to have a white background, additional tweaks are required.

Therefore, I opened _aptx_configuration_file.txt found in my $HOME and edited the colours section:

#  Default Tree Display Colors
#  ---------------------------

display_color: background                 0xFFFFFF
display_color: background_gradient_bottom 0xE4E4FF
display_color: sequence                   0x000000
display_color: taxonomy                   0x000000
display_color: confidence                 0x000000
display_color: branch_length              0x000000
display_color: branch                     0x000000
display_color: node_box                   0x000000
display_color: collapsed                  0x000000
display_color: matching_a                 0x00FF00
display_color: matching_b                 0xFF0000
display_color: matching_a_and_b           0xECD200
display_color: duplication                0xFF0000
display_color: speciation                 0x00C700
display_color: duplication_or_specation   0xCFCF00
display_color: domain_label               0xADADAD
display_color: domain_base                0x989898
display_color: binary_domain_combinations 0x829CFF
display_color: annotation                 0x79C800
display_color: overview                   0xA5A5A5

Now, trees are displayed in black on a white/light background.

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