XFCE semi-transparent desktop icons text background

To make the XFCE desktop icons text background semi-transparent (as opposed to fully transparent) create this file in the $HOME directory: ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and put the following in it:

style "xfdesktop-icon-view" {

XfdesktopIconView::label-alpha = 20

base[NORMAL] = "#ffffff"
base[SELECTED] = "#5D97D1"
base[ACTIVE] = "#5D97D1"

fg[NORMAL] = "#ffffff"
fg[SELECTED] = "#ffffff"
fg[ACTIVE] = "#ffffff"
widget_class "*XfdesktopIconView*" style "xfdesktop-icon-view"

Log out and in. Now, there is a slight and non-obtrusive text background:


Hint is from here.

One Comment on “XFCE semi-transparent desktop icons text background”

  1. […] UPDATE (01 Jul 2015): for alternative settings that make the icons text semi-transparent, check this newer post. […]

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