SeaMonkey Composer

From time to time I need to create or maintain a simple web-page. For the purpose I have used KompoZer, which is available at SBo, but as a 32bit application. Although it runs fine on a Slackware64 -multilib system, I have experienced occasional hang ups and crashes. Of course, I can create a SlackBuild that would compile it from source. I actually did a similar thing at the time I used CRUX and I may even still have the port somewhere… However, it is too much work at the moment, also the last update of the program was in 2010.

The SeaMonkey suite comes with a very similar program — the component is called Composer.

It is stable, 64bit, comes with Slackware out-of-the-box and gets the job done. It can be started from the Window menu of the browser or independently:

seamonkey -editor

I like to have a separate menu entry for it, so I created the file ~/.local/share/applications/seamonkey-composer.desktop with the following contents:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=SeaMonkey Composer
Comment=Read Mail with SeaMonkey
Exec=/usr/bin/seamonkey -editor

Works very well. Of course I knew about that program before, but I somehow never really gave it a try till now.

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