Multi-threaded MPlayer

I want to make MPlayer utilise more than one core. I searched a bit and found a tutorial and a discussion about this. The solution is to run the mplayer executable with the -lavdopts option like this:

mplayer -lavdopts threads=2

The above will make mplayer use two cores. Of course, this option can be specified in ~/.mplayer/config for the profile (default or other) you use, as:


I have tweaked the configuration file, so in my case, this line goes here:

# Write your default config options here!

# Disable screensaver.
heartbeat-cmd="xscreensaver-command -deactivate >&- 2>&- &"



I have two earlier posts regarding my MPlayer configuration. The heartbeat-cmd option, part of the [smplayer] profile is discussed here. The reason for putting the panscan option in the [default] profile is explained here.

One Comment on “Multi-threaded MPlayer”

  1. Was installed, but i got it working now. for some reason another mplayer executable was running instead of the newly compiled one.

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