Virtual machine settings

I keep clean installs of Slackware 32bit and 64bit in order to check how my SlackBuilds work. Currently, I use Oracle VM VirtualBox, installed on a Slackware64 14.1 -multilib system from the upstream provided binary (“All distributions”), AMD64 architecture (version 4.3.28).

When I first set up the virtual machines, I did not pay much attention on the settings, because things just worked. Later I tweaked them a bit and started experiencing compilation breaks. Stupid. When compiling something large, like Ugene or QT5, the process would fail at some point with an Internal Compiler Error: Segmentation Fault.


Recently, I tried different settings and in the end these issues seem resolved. Hence, for my future reference, I am pasting my VM configuration here:






With the settings above, compilation runs fine for big packages. However, I am not sure which was the critical parameter. I assume it is something with the CPU settings and/or chipset.

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