Quod Libet: an audio player with a XINE backend

An audio player that can use XINE as its backend is Quod Libet. XINE comes with the default Slackware install, and the package you need specifically is xine-lib. Quod Libet is available at SBo, but the version there is quite outdated at the moment. It is not a big issue, I downloaded the latest source tarball from here (3.4.0 at the moment) and modified the version row in the quodlibet.SlackBuild like this:


This version has pygobject3 as an additional dependency, and it can be installed from SBo, as well. Since XINE will be used instead of Gstreamer, the complete build order for version 3.2.2 is just this:

# pysetuptools
# feedparser

The commented out pysetuptools and feedparser are optional if you want audio feeds browser support. Once installed, the backend should be specified by modifying the [player] section of ~/.quodlibet/config as follows:

backend = xinebe
fallback_gain = 0.0
gst_buffer = 1.5
gst_device = 
gst_disable_gapless = false
gst_pipeline = 
pre_amp_gain = 0.0
replaygain = true
time_remaining = false

The player should not be running while modifying the file. There is more information about audio backends here.

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