LibreOffice Impress slideshow

It seems LibreOffice Impress has some bug with the Intel video card of my work computer. Whenever I want to enter slideshow a new entry appears in the task bar, the application becomes unresponsive and nothing happens. I have to press ESC to go back… I use the package created by AlienBob. I also tried the good old, by installing the package from Nicolas Kovacs’ Microlinux. OOo worked just fine and its Impress had no trouble entering full screen mode.

Interestingly, my laptop doesn’t have this issue with LibreOffice. So… I googled around and found this rather old entry from Ubuntu that has a workaround.

Following, exactly as they say I went here: Tools -> options > LibreOffice > View > Graphics output and unchecked Use hardware acceleration:

Screenshot - 03172014 - 11:05:37 PM

Seems to work just fine now. To be honest, I did not check what is the default setting for hardware acceleration in OOo.

One Comment on “LibreOffice Impress slideshow”

  1. eannegrenoble says:

    Super! Great! … a quick fix for my problem :-)))

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