Compiling in RAM

I like to speed up the compiling process by compiling in RAM. Almost all additional software that I use is installed from Scripts from there use /tmp/SBo for compiling, as can be seen from the templates files.

So, I made sure that /tmp/SBo exists and is empty. Then, I just added the following row in my /etc/fstab file:

devpts           /dev/pts         devpts      gid=5,mode=620   0   0
proc             /proc            proc        defaults         0   0
tmpfs            /dev/shm         tmpfs       defaults         0   0
SBo              /tmp/SBo         tmpfs   nodev,nosuid,size=7G 0   0

Reboot. I have 8GB of RAM, so I set 7GB for the size.

I got the idea from the time I used CRUX and reading their wiki. Another way is to just mount the whole /tmp folder in RAM.

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