Broadcom Corporation BCM4322 driver

I bought a refurbished Dell Lattitude E6400. After changing the hard disk to a new SSD, I installed (of course) Slackware64 14.2 on it. Everything went fine, however the WiFi was not supported out-of-the-box. However, there was a very easy solution.
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Trimming trees with TreeBeST

I needed a program that can easily trim branches from a phylogenetic tree and came across TreeBeST (Tree Building guided by Species Tree). TreeBeST is a neat and versatile program that builds, manipulates and displays phylogenetic trees and seems to be perfect for the job.
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Color calculator

I’ve been preparing some figures, where I needed a colour palette that is visually appealing and offers good contrast between at least two colours. I am not a designer and I have no experience with these things… So, I googled a bit and I found the Color Calculator, offered by Sessions College for Professional Design.

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Rotate object around other object center in Inkscape

I had do design a simple scheme of a cell with certain markers expressed on its surface. The idea is pretty straightforward: draw a circle for the cells and draw a rectangle for the protein. But what if I want to change its position, by rotating it around the circle center?
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Remove new lines from a text file

I want to copy some text from a PDF file into a word processor. Copying works, but the line breaks from the PDF formatting are also copied. This messes up the text and results in disconnected text with many rows. I decided to use the command line to fix this automatically. I searched a bit and it seems that there are two steps that have to be taken.
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