CRUX: a tiny gem of a distro

CRUX ( is a slim, highly-customisable Linux distribution, designed with simplicity in mind. It usually stays out of the spotlights and scores below 100 in DistroWatch’s popularity rating (not that this means much). Nevertheless, the project is over 20 years old, mature, and provides a clean, transparent and elegantly laid out system. This review aims to cover some of its concepts.

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Managing git

I appreciate git’s power, but I still find it unnecessarily complicated. I am not going to whine or complain here about that. Instead, I decided to outline a few steps about setting up keys and some basic commands. I am using GitHub as an example.
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.xprofile settings

Before discovering Slim I usually just used lxdm, which is nice and feature rich. However, login managers like lxdm (and I hear this applies to GDM, LightDM, and more…) do not obey any settings I put in, for example, ~/.xinitrc. Therefore, ~/.xprofile seems to be the solution for such graphical login.
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CRUX ports added to portdb

My collection of CRUX ports has been just added to the portdb section at CRUX’s web-site, as ppetrov. I also maintain Xfce 4.12 for CRUX 3.7, but decided that it will not be of much interest, so it’s not there. Anyway, both repos are available at GitHub.

Viber won’t start

Recently, I upgraded Viber (for Linux desktop) to version However, it simply would not start, although dependencies were satisfied. Therefore, I searched for a fix.
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