Problem: I bought a SSD
Solution: Read the corresponding section at the Arch linux wiki. So, I did:

  • change in BIOS the controller driving the SSD to AHCI mode
  • use gdisk to partition the disk (GPT)
  • use EXT4 for filesystem
  • do normal installation

After install edit /etc/fstab, adding the noatime and discard options to the EXT4 partitions: WARNING — read below!

/dev/sda4        swap             swap        defaults         0   0
/dev/sda2        /                ext4        defaults,noatime,discard         1   1
/dev/sda1        /boot            ext4        defaults,noatime,discard         1   2
/dev/sda3        /home            ext4        defaults,noatime,discard         1   2
#/dev/cdrom      /mnt/cdrom       auto        noauto,owner,ro,comment=x-gvfs-show 0   0
#/dev/fd0         /mnt/floppy      auto        noauto,owner     0   0
devpts           /dev/pts         devpts      gid=5,mode=620   0   0
proc             /proc            proc        defaults         0   0
tmpfs            /dev/shm         tmpfs       defaults         0   0

EDIT (16 Jan 2016): Setting the noatime and especially the discard option may cause problems! Read this newer post!

One Comment on “SSD”

  1. […] has a 60.0 GB Corsair Force GT SandForce Driven SSD. When I bought it, I read a bit about SSDs and I set several options in my /etc/fstab. However, whenever copying some big files, the system seemed to hang for a while. […]

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